Assoc. Prof. Radoslav Delina


Assoc. Prof. Radoslav Delina

The Head of Dpt. of Banking and Investment

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Radoslav is focusing his activities on the research in the field of Information Society and the information and communication technology (ICT) impact on different socio-economic domains, e-business (esp. e-procurement, eCollaboration, eSourcing, enterprise networking, e-services and trust building, ICT/Digital regions), data mining techniques in financial decision making, risk management, innovative learning methods etc. He participated and still participates on several EU (FP5,6,7) and national projects (VEGA, PHARE...). Together, he locally coordinates/d EU research projects (Seamless - FP6 IST STREP, DEN4DEK - FP7 CIP, KASSETTS - CE OP, eBEST - FP7 SME, LearnPath - LdV) and many national projects (financed under VEGA, APVV, KEGA, MVTS, development project under Ministry of Ecuation) all in the field of electronic business management and Information Society. He is national expert and correspondent for eBusiness w@tch - the Initiative of European Commission and other initiatives as eWork, Construst, e-Skills For The 21st Century... He was/is a member of several international conference programme committees (IDIMT, IRMA, IBIMA, ICTM, EC-Web, Collecter IberoAmerica, BledConference, Planetary Scientific Research Centre...) and reviewer in several international scientific journals, publication and initiatives (Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, Journal of Business Economics and Management, Journal of Information Technology for Development, Computers and Informatics, Organizacija, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, Journal of Management and Business: Research and Practice, Journal of Economics, Journal of Financial Studies and Research, eBusiness Watch, Encyclopedia of E-Business Development and Management in the Global Economy...). He is the member of editorial board of International Journal of Humanities and Applied Sciences. He is a project evaluator for national (esp. VEGA, KEGA, APVV science and education funding agencies) and Czech (esp. eHealth) and Kazakhstan (socio-economic aspects of ICT) funding programmes. He is the financial expert for Slovak Republic in Horizon2020 and the member of EU RTD Evaluation Network under DG Research and Innovation. He is the member of E-Business & E-commerce Steering Committee within ALADIN - ALpe ADria INitiative Universities’ Network. His habilitation on the Faculty of Informatics and Management in the field of System engineering was focused on Trust Building on the Electronic Business Platforms. From 2005, he is the member of Scientific Board on the Faculty of Economics Tu Kosice and from 2011 of Scientific Board on the Faculty of Business Economics Economic University of Bratislava. Research awards:

  • First prize for the research of Dean of Faculty of Informatics and Statistics University of Economics Prague.
  • Second place in the research competition on the International research conference of young researchres 2005 in Herľany.
  • In Seamless IST STREP FP6 project, his research results in the field of trust building was evaluated by reviewers as „remarkable quality“.


Education and courses

Lectures: Financial decision making, Electronic commerce, Risk and uncertainty

The fields of research interest

  • Trust building on the electronic business networks
  • Trust and economic growth
  • ICT impact on socio-economic indicators
  • e-services for eGov, eHealth, eInclusion
  • Electronic procurement
  • Spend management
  • Knowledge discovery
  • Trading strategies for FOREX markets

Research experiences


(Local) Coordination

Research EU projects

  • Seamless - „Small Enterprises Accessing the Electronic Market of the Enlarged Europe by a Smart Service Infrastructure“ 6th Framework Programme IST STREP 26476
  • eBEST - "Empowering Business Ecosystems of Small Service Enterprises to face the economic crisis" 7th Framework Programme FP7-SME-2008-2
  • DEN4DEK - "Digital Ecosystems Network of regions for DissEmination and Knowledge deployment" Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme CIP-ICT-PSP-224976
  • KASSETTS - "Knowledge-enabled Access of Central Europe SMEs to Efficient Transnational Transport Solutions" Central Europe Operational programme 1CE036P2

 Research national projects

  • APVV RPEU-0025-06. Enhancement of Seamless project in analytical and evaluation functionalities (eNalytic), 2007-2008
  • APVT-20-030504 Electronic Commerce Research in Slovak Industries.
  • VEGA - 1/0679/10 Strategies of trust building on Single European Electronic Market
  • VEGA - 1/1222/04 Measurement of dynamic pricing transactions effectiveness in e-commerce
  • VEGA - 1/3815/06, Performance Analysis and Evaluation of Banking Institutions – Second Project Manager
  • VEGA 1/9182/02 „Decision Making support in the field of vertical e-marketplaces development in Slovakia“ - Second Project Manager, 2002-2004

 International research cooperation projects

  • Project SK-125 – CZ-96 of research cooperation between Slovakia and Czech Republic, „Information management - effectiveness / performance of enterprise IS/ICT“

 Educational EU projects

  • LearnPath - Leonardo da Vinci - Development and Evaluation of a path-depending, learner centred blended learning concept as best-practice for the field of E-Business – D/05/PP/146 390

 Educational national projects

  • KEGA - Virtual lab of supply chain management. No 3/3124/05
  • KEGA - 3/114803 WEBUSINESS Learning system (WEBLYS), 2003-2005
  • PHARE SR 2002/000.610-15-145 “Employability support by improvement of qualification and flexibility through ICT advisory and training.“

 Subcontracts within European Commission initiatives

  • eTEN – analysis of public e-services usage in Slovakia
  • eBusiness w@tch – national expert and correspondent in the field of e-business in Slovakia and EU
  • Collaboration @Work – cooperation on report on eWork in EÚ (report for Slovakia)
  • ConsTrust – cooperation on the survey in the field of consumer protection in e-business
  • eSkills – cooperation on the survey in the field of ICT skills improvement in e-commerce


Participation in other projects

Framework Programme (BEEP, EIM-CEE – FP5, FP6: Abilities, Fluid-Win), Leonardo da Vinci (TRIMAR, TRICTSME, European eCommerce Assistant, IMVOCED, ICOTEL), ten other national research and educational projects

Selected papers and publications


  • Delina, R., Vajda, V., Bednár, P. Trusted operational scenarios: trust building mechanisms and strategy for electronic marketplaces [on-line]. Kranj: Moderna organizacija, 2007. 78 p. ISBN 978-961-232-205-2
  • Sabol, T., Delina, R., Vajda, V. E-business in Slovakia. In: The European e-business report: A portrait of e-business in 10 sectors of the EU economy. 4th synthesis report of the e-business watch. Luxembourg: EC, November 2005. pp. 184-191. ISBN 92-894-5117-3
  • Sabol, T., Delina, R., Vajda, V. eWork in Slovak Republic. In: Collaboration@Work. The 2006 report on new working environments and practices. Luxembourg: European Communities, 2006, pp. 89-92. ISBN 92-79-01411-0
  • Delina, R., Vajda, V., Sabol, T. Case Study: Slovnaft (Slovakia). In: The European e-Business Report – A portrait of e-business in 10 sectors of EU economy, 3rd Synthesis Report of e-Business Watch, Enterprise Directorate General, 2004, ISBN 92-894-7952-3, p. 94.
  • Bucko, J., Delina, R. et al. E-commerce: ICT in company management and marketing. Bratislava: STU, 2005. 314 p. ISBN 80-227-2290-1 (v anglickom jazyku)
  • Pucihar, A., Delina, R. Academic eMarketplace (ACEM) - Integration of Research and Practice for Teaching of e-Business and e-Marketplace. In: Organizacija, 2005, vol. 38, no. 3, pp. 132-136. ISSN 1318-5454
  • Delina, R. – Lavrin, A.: Reverse auction impact on mining company. In: International Journal of Cases on Electronic Commerce, 2005, Vol. 2, Issue 1,  pp. 61-84. ISSN 1548-0623
  • Sabol, T., Delina, R. Scenario planning. In: Journal of Economics, 2004, Vol. 52, No. 8, pp. 942-956. ISSN 0013-3035
  • Sabol, T. et al.: Indexes of economic, social and technological development. In: Journal of Economics, 2006, Vol 54,  No. 7, pp. 685-698. ISSN 0013-3035
  • Delina, R. B2B E-Marketplaces as new antitrust threats for the business environment. In: National Economic Horizons, 2004, roč. IV, č. 2, pp. 24 - 30. ISSN 1213-2446

Personal interest

 fantasy art and literature, fishing, innovations, support of rehabilitation and development of disabled children