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Our research team is composed mainly from researchers and academicians from the Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. We have very strong interdisciplinary background with extensive experience in Framework Programme projects.

We focus our research on wide ICT related issues in different socio-economic and technology domains, as Enterprise Networking, Digital Ecosystems, knowledge modeling and management and supporting tools, enhanced semantic enterprise data models, semantic technologies for Internet of Things , policy modeling, semantic interoperability among services for the eGovernment, semantic modeling and data mining in discussions, data mining in texts, trustworthy infrastructure, future enterprise technologies and systems. We combine innovative e-business models and e-services for Digital Society, financial and IT management, economic and decision sciences with expertise in SW development, Semantic Technologies and Artificial Intelligence to fulfill objectives of new European strategy though development of smart service infrastructure and cooperative environment for business and citizens.

Our expertise in this area is recognized in EU and we have the distinction of being part of innovative European RTD projects within different Framework Programmes financed by European Commission as well as subcontractors and national experts for different e-initiatives of EC (e.g. ebusiness w@tch, eWork, Construst...). Together, these experiences in combination with our relations to regional authorities and commercial sector have ambition to support regional development related to Digital Society.

Key personnel: Prof. Tomas Sabol and Assoc. Prof. Radoslav Delina


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